Matcha Hokkaido Lava Cake at Matcha Tea and Dessert

Matcha Hokkaido Lava Cake – Moist chiffon cake oozing with premium Matcha custard cream
Happy Soft Opening to Matcha Tea & Dessert! Thanks to @travellinfoodie and @matchateadessert for letting me take part in this tea-licious tasting event!🙏 My favourites were the Matcha Hokkaido Lava Cake and the Matcha Cheese Foam drink. Matcha Tea & Dessert uses premium Matcha and you can really taste the difference! Highly recommend foodies and Green tea lovers to give this new dessert and tea shop a try👍 Since Matcha is also very rich in antioxidants and health benefits, it’s all pleasure without the guilt😃
Matcha Tea & Dessert (@matchateadessert) at 407 Spadina Ave, Toronto

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