So Sesame at Sprout Hainan

Photo 2016-07-02, 5 49 29 PM.jpg

So Sesame | Hainanese noodle in sesame sauce with hand-pulled chicken, toasted sesame and roasted nuts

This dish is called So Sesame in their menu. It uses an extra rich sesame sauce and is topped with hand-pulled chicken and toasted sesame. Very tasty and unique favour. You can choose to have this dish spicy too. This was my first taste of Hainanese noodles and I really enjoyed the strong flavours and the lightness of the rice noodles. The roasted nuts were also an added bonus since they added a nice crunch and saltiness to the dish. Sprout will also have a stall at @nightitup so be sure to check them out to have a taste of Hainanese goodness.

Thank you very much @sproutToronto and @feedmyphone for hosting us and giving us a taste of the Hainanese noodles! 🍜
Sprout Hainan Noodle (@sprouthainan) at 5 North Town Way, Toronto

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