Noodles and Sriracha Chicken Wings at Sprout Hainan

Classic | 500 Year old classic Hainan noodle with ground beef

So Sesame | Extra rich sesame dressing with hand pulled chicken plus roasted sesame

Sriracha Chicken Wings | Deep-fried chicken wings with Sriracha sauce

Hainan noodles are made of rice and have a smooth, silky and soft texture, almost like a thinner round sibling of the Vietnamese pho noodles. According to the owner, these noodles are a staple food in Hainan and the locals can eat these noodles every day. The Funky Spicy (which unfortunately is not in this picture) is my favourite one; it is made using a yellow peppery, love-fire hot sauce which is popular in the Hainan region and then topped with tiger shrimps and clams. The Sriracha Chicken Wings were extremely addictive – strong spicy kick complemented by a hint of sweetness.

Sprout Hainan Noodle (@sprouthainan) at 5 North Town Way, Toronto

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