Lobster and Snow Crab Salad at Bacalao

||Tastes of Newfoundland Series|| Lobster and Snow Crab Salad | Newfoundland Lobster and Snow Crab with shaved fennel, red onion and tomato, lightly citrus-dressed
~Wine Pairing: Marquis de Pennautier Terroirs d’Altitude Chardonnay – Languedoc, France 
Bacalao takes pride in being the pioneer restaurant serving Newfoundland cuisine and continues to break ground on this front. Bacalao derives its name from the Portuguese word for Salt Cod. Cod is the king of fishes; salting and drying fish is the world’s oldest food preservation method.

My lunch at Bacalao was my first taste of Newfoundland cuisine and I can now say that I am a big fan. All ingredients that were used in this salad were uber fresh and locally sourced. You can really taste the sweetness of the lobster and snow crab. If all salads tasted like this, I would be a much healthier foodie!
Bacalao – Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine (@bacalaocuisine) at 65 Lemarchant Road, St John’s, New Foundland

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